Leucorrhea is abnormal, and people are pale and colorless. Use food to deal with it

Leucorrhea abnormality not only indicates the occurrence of gynecological diseases, but also overshadows the charming women. And food can improve the abnormal situation of leucorrhea, but also the beautiful appearance of women.

It is said that "a woman is like a flower, and a flower is like a woman". A woman must realize her beauty and tenderness, and take care of herself as if she were a flower. Leucorrhea is a barometer of women's physical health. Under normal circumstances, the amount of leucorrhea is small, but in menstrual cycle, it will be transparent and large. Once leucorrhea suddenly increased in quantity, with peculiar smell or accompanied by pruritus of vulva, it is a disease. It's time for women to take good care of themselves.

Xiao Li is 31 years old. In the past two weeks, the amount of leucorrhea has increased significantly than before, like the ebb and flow of menstruation. The color is also yellow, and from time to time, you can smell the odor, and feel the feeling of belly falling. Not only that, but her face has been very ugly recently. She knew that she was ill, but she was not sure what the cause was, so she went to see the doctor. After a series of diagnoses, the doctor finally determined that she had cervicitis.

It is often said that "ten women and nine belts" means "with diseases". Many female friends have diseases. In fact, leucorrhea is an indispensable part of women's & quot; friends & quot; and also the & quot; Guard & quot; of women's & quot; back garden & quot;. It is a vaginal discharge, which plays a role of lubricant. If leucorrhea is abnormal, there are many symptoms such as large quantity, dark color, peculiar smell, etc., it means that there is a problem in physical health. It is necessary to find the root knot in the hospital in time, and then treat and recuperate it.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that leucorrhea is a kind of "Yin fluid" of the human body, which is transported by the spleen, closed by the kidney, managed and restrained by any and two channels. When the kidney qi is full, the spleen qi is healthy, the Ren pulse is in tune, and the pulse is fixed, the Yin fluid is distributed in the cell and moistened in the Yin, then the body fluid is always moistened. This is the physiological band, not the disease. If the kidney qi is not enough, the spleen is not healthy, the Ren pulse is not firm, and the pulse is out of contract, there will be too much band, or abnormal color and quality, foul smell, and local itching, burning, pain, or with low back acid, small abdominal distention and other symptoms. At this time, the white belt has become the "spokesperson" of women's health problems, which indicates endocrine disorders or genital inflammation.

Leucorrhea abnormalities need to choose medical treatment, but at the same time, we need to carry out scientific diet adjustment to achieve the effect of thorough treatment. Experts pointed out that the abnormal leucorrhea should eat less spicy and greasy raw and cold food, eat more spleen and kidney tonic and heat clearing and dampness promoting food, such as lotus seed, jujube, yam, job's tears, winter melon kernel, etc.; because of spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency, the leucorrhea should have more quantity and quality, and eat more lentils, ginkgo, broad beans, green beans, cowpeas, black fungus, walnut meat, light vegetable, turtle meat, celery, euryale, shepherd's purse , black chicken, pomegranate skin, cuttlefish bone, cockscomb, purslane, pomegranate, mandarin fish, red bean, etc. Let's introduce some nutritious recipes of clearing away heat and dampness, benefiting spleen and tonifying kidney.


Whether the circulation of lymph and blood in the body is smooth will affect the body's discharge rate of waste, toxins and other substances, as well as the health of women's "back garden", leading to leucorrhea abnormality. When watching TV every day, kneading and pressing from the extremities towards the heart can not only promote the flow of lymph and blood, make the metabolism of muscle vigorous, provide more nutrients to promote metabolism and oxygen to help fat burn, but also accelerate the discharge of waste, which is conducive to improving the abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea.

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