Drink enough water to irrigate the "back garden" to make the water tender for women

It's said that women are made of water, not only eyes, but also faces. Replenishing water and nourishing Yin, making yourself tender forever, is the work that a woman should do in her life.

For a woman with plenty of water, her skin is always hydrated. Drinking too little water will affect women's face and skin. Michelle will encounter skin problems caused by drinking too little water.

Michelle has always been proud of her beautiful skin, because seeing everyone struggling with the "big price" for her skin, she can make her skin beautiful, delicate and tender by cleaning twice a day, morning and evening. But I don't know why. Michelle, who has just passed her 32nd birthday, suddenly feels that her skin is always dry. On that day, she carefully looked in the mirror and found that she had many fine lines on her face, which made her extremely painful. She couldn't think of why her smooth skin suddenly went bad, because she didn't feel any discomfort, even had little cold, and she never used cosmetics. Just when she was in great distress, her classmates gave her the answer & mdash; & mdash; she usually drank too little water!

Water is the best beauty and nutrition. Lack of drinking water every day, lack of Yin liquid in the body, hungry and thirsty skin, fine lines, rough skin began to find the skin. It needs about 2000 ml of water every day to meet the body's water balance needs. About 20% of the water in the human body is contained in the skin. According to the measurement, the water content of the skin is 70% of its own weight. If there is not enough water, the skin will naturally appear aging phenomenon.

In fact, it's not only skin, but also women's "back garden" needs moisture. For example, when the female is in the stage of puberty, the reproductive organs are not fully mature, and the oil secretion is excessive, it is easy to produce acne, etc.; at this time, it is particularly necessary to drink more clear water or green tea, and the increase of urine can promote lipid metabolism, thus effectively reducing the oil exuded from the face and the production of acne. After the age of 30, the functions of the reproductive system show a downward trend, the grease secreted by the sebaceous glands is slowly reduced, and the skin is easy to dry; at this time, female friends should pay more attention to drink water, especially a cup (200-300ml) of warm boiled water after getting up every morning, which can alleviate the symptoms of dry skin. So no matter how busy, no matter how reluctant to drink water, beautiful women should drink enough water.

Drink more warm boiled water and soup, because warm water is easier for the skin to fully absorb, in order to maintain a full and moist state. In addition to drinking water, we also need to eat more water-containing foods in our daily diet, such as winter melon, tomato, lychee, etc.

Drink enough water

In addition, we need to supply water every day. In order to maintain the water balance in the body, we should not allow excessive water loss. This requires us to pay more attention in our daily diet, because many things will consume the body's water, such as too salty, too spicy, too bitter, too sweet, too cold food, etc., will consume the body's Yin fluid. Like many girls like hot pot, boiled fish and so on, the hotter they eat, the more addictive they are. However, the more they eat these heavy food, the greater the loss of Yin fluid in their bodies. Therefore, we should try our best to eat light food and less five foods that are too heavy.

Rose moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making the dry and sensitive skin moisturize and tender in time. Roses can not only be soaked in water, but also made into toner. Wash and drain about 10 roses (about 100g), put them into a casserole or ceramic container, add 100ml mineral water or pure water, cook with a small fire, and cease fire before boiling. After cooling, the flower water is moved to other containers, covered with fresh-keeping film, placed under normal temperature for 2 days, and then filtered out into rose water. Rose water can be used as toner, at the same time, it can be applied with paper film.

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