Muscle man, how to eat to become strength and beauty

As a man, we all want to have a strong body. Strong muscles are the best choice to show the charm of men. But modern people often lack sports and unscientific diet, which makes men's dream hard to realize. In addition to targeted equipment exercises, men hope to get ideal muscles through certain nutrients such as protein, but the effect is often unsatisfactory. This is because the intake of protein also needs to be different from person to person. If the spleen and stomach are not good, no amount of protein can be fully absorbed and applied by the human body. The protein not used aggravates the abnormal metabolism of kidney, but damages the kidney.

Muscle man
Muscle man

[remedial measures]

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the spleen dominates the muscle, that is, the spleen and stomach are good to strengthen the muscle. If the spleen and kidney are not good, the protein cannot be fully absorbed, and the muscle will also be pale, lack of luster and elasticity. Therefore, muscle building should start with spleen strengthening.

Recommended secret recipe: Sanwei spleen nourishing and kidney nourishing porridge

[ingredients] 15g Atractylodes macrocephala, 10g Shouwu, 20g wolfberry fruit and 250g white rice.

Put Baizhu and Shouwu into the pot and boil them out after a period of time. Boil their soup together with wolfberry and rice until they taste good.

[efficacy] strengthen the spleen and kidney, strengthen the muscles. Baizhu is easy to Nourish Qi and spleen, Shouwu can nourish kidney, blood, brain, hair and mind, and wolfberry can nourish blood and kidney. Drinking before increasing protein is conducive to better absorption of nutrients.

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