Stewed kelp is good for health

Stewed kelp is good for health

Kelp is known as “longevity dish”, “sea vegetable” and “iodine champion” because it contains many nutrients;.

Kelp contains potassium alginate, which can reduce blood pressure; its alginic acid can also prevent human body from absorbing radioactive elements and heavy metal ions, and make it discharged from the body; kelp is rich in polysaccharide food fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and waste discharge; sulfated polysaccharide in kelp can enhance lipase activity in the blood, thus reducing blood lipid. Therefore, eating more kelp is conducive to the prevention and treatment of obesity and cardiovascular disease; the white frost like substance on the surface of kelp contains mannitol, which has the osmotic diuretic effect, and is commonly used in clinical to reduce intracranial pressure, prevent and treat brain edema and acute renal failure; kelp also has the anti-cancer effect.

Stewed kelp is good for health
Stewed kelp is good for health

There are many ways to eat kelp. It can not only make soup, roast meat, stir fry, but also mix vegetables. Stewed meat with kelp is not only nutritious and has high digestibility, but also can regulate the acid-base balance in the body.

Meat belongs to animal food, which is rich in high quality protein and plays an important role in nourishing and strengthening the body. But the content of fat and cholesterol is high, and it belongs to acid food in physiology. Therefore, eating more meat will not only produce more metabolic poisons, but also lead to physiological acid-base imbalance. Teenagers may show fatigue, excessive stomach acid, neurasthenia, etc.; middle-aged and old people may show hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, etc. Kelp is rich in alkaline elements, which belongs to alkaline food in physiology. It can maintain acid-base balance in vivo when eaten with meat. Therefore, kelp stew is a good food with complementary nutrition.

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