Regular rubbing of ears has health care function

Regular ear rubbing is good for the body. According to the choice of each person, regular ear rubbing exercise can achieve ideal results.

A health care formula for rubbing ears

1. Hand rubbing. This method has the functions of strengthening the brain, strengthening the kidney, hearing and eyes. It can prevent and treat impotence, frequent urination, constipation, lumbago and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, panic, chest tightness, headache, dizziness and other diseases.

2. Rubbing the ears. This method can promote the blood circulation of the ear, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist.

3. Whole ear massage. This method can dredge meridians and collaterals, and has health care effect on kidney and organs.

4. Double hand ear covering. This stimulation can activate the kidney, and has the effect of strengthening the brain, eyesight and kidney.

5. Ear sweeping with both hands. Long term adherence will strengthen the kidney and keep fit.

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