Rules of beauty for attractive women

(1) Close to art

Although your work is not very easy, although the current activities of recreation, social activities, housework, brain earning and so on make everyone more and more impetuous and practical, you should still put your favorite picture books and Anthologies on the bedside, turn on the desk lamp at night and read them in the light music, which can not only make people peaceful and quiet, but also increase the accumulation of knowledge. On holidays, go to art galleries and concert halls to feel the artistic atmosphere, close the distance between yourself and art, and try to make yourself a person full of artistic temperament.

(2) Master fashion taste

There are fashions in all aspects of life, such as hairstyles, drinks and music. You should not refuse to be popular, but you should not blindly follow the trend, lose yourself in the popularity, make full use of your spare time to enjoy the fun of the popularity, keep a distance between yourself and the popularity, and make yourself master the popularity as you like. Fashion can open up the field of life, in which people will live more happily (as long as they are not blindly exhausted by fashion).

(3) Breakfast habits

A woman's charming temperament also depends on her bright and energetic mental state. The morning is the time when the metabolism function is turned on. If the breakfast nutrition is ignored, it will not only affect the work of the day, but also make the body weak and the mental state poor in the long run. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning to help the metabolism function operate.

(4) There's a great feat

No matter you study literature, foreign language, beauty or cooking, you can try whatever you like. If you can have a proud specialty outside your work, you can not only be envied by your friends,. It can make you shine more.

(5) Enjoy solitude

There are always troubles in life. When a mature woman is empty and lonely, she should turn her attention to her own interests, listen to music and read books, and regard this feeling of loneliness as a kind of enjoyment. Instead, her mood will suddenly open up, and try to guide her to a new life with a flexible and full of tension attitude.

(6) Elegant sitting posture

The correct sitting posture can not only correct the body bones, but also beautify the image. The right sitting position should be tight abdomen, relax guanidine meat. Improper sitting posture for a long time will lead to body deformation and increase the burden on the waist, resulting in low back pain, sciatica, etc.

The right standing posture is: chest, back straight, chin contracted, abdomen closed, inner force of feet, heel together, knee straight, shoulders naturally drooping. Only in this way can it look straight and elegant.

(7) Change your hair

Most women pay attention to the care of their hair, but also choose their own hair style. But there are still some shortcomings. To make yourself more attractive, we should simply use some tips to change the style of hair style according to different situations, such as work, sports or watching movies. For example, if you use a silk scarf to wrap a knot or clip a small hairpin to make it more harmonious with your clothes, people will be much more vivid.

(8) Clean your face

A beautiful face, the most important thing is fresh and clean. Be careful not to wash your face with a washbasin, because the dirt may come back to your face. It is not easy to wash thoroughly. You should wash your face with warm water. Twice in the morning and twice in the evening is essential.

(9) Old clothes in my heart

A charming woman can be charming. In addition to temperament and etiquette, her clothing is also an important and wonderful part. No matter what style is popular, attractive women always value the traditional theory of "developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses". They choose the one that can enhance their body shape and temperament.

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