How to recuperate middle-aged women

According to traditional Chinese medicine, human health focuses on overall conditioning.

In Huangdi's Internal Classic, the method of adjusting the balance of yin and Yang is discussed in detail. The development of modern medicine is also in the direction of prevention, radical cure, rehabilitation and so on. Therefore, the maintenance of human health and the enhancement of physical fitness should also be considered from a long-term, multi factor perspective and pay attention to the overall adjustment.

(1) In order to improve the health care consciousness, we should always care about our health and form a lifelong health care consciousness. Especially when you are busy, you should pay more attention to your physical and mental conditioning and health care. With this kind of health care consciousness, it is possible to self regulate at any time of work, study and life, and form fitness habits. So to improve their health care awareness is the prerequisite to maintain health.

(2) It is one of the most important health care methods to arrange proper physical fitness activities. Regular physical exercise can keep the health of bones, muscles and internal organs, and has a good effect on the functions of respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous and other systems. It can also relieve, transfer and relax psychological tension and pressure. Therefore, middle-aged women should adhere to a certain amount of physical exercise and correct the wrong idea of labor instead of physical activity. Physical fitness should be reasonably arranged: ① according to the study, life, working environment and conditions, choose one or two fitness methods suitable for yourself, and exercise regularly. ② Master exercise time and amount. Generally speaking, 2-3 times a week, 20-30 minutes each time, to continuously improve the quality and intensity of exercise: or 10-20 minutes in the morning and evening every day; or 30-60 minutes a week, once a week, until the feeling of fever until fatigue. It is better to control the heart rate 180 times per minute and reduce your age during exercise. ③ Prepare for every exercise to prevent injury.

(3) In the work, we should pay attention to the combination of work and leisure. With the development of modern society and the acceleration of work rhythm, the adjustment of work and leisure is particularly important. According to the nature of the work, we should take some appropriate adjustment methods, such as doing work exercises, changing the work form, changing the body position, walking, or resting for a while, doing some massage exercises, etc., which can play a role in regulating the body and mind.

(4) Reasonable nutrition, health, lifestyle and other nutrients in life have a very important impact on human health. According to research reports, human diseases are closely related to nutritional deficiency. Middle aged women need a certain amount of nutrients every day. If the nutrients are insufficient for a long time, some diseases will occur, but the nutrition can not be excessive. Therefore, middle-aged women should pay attention to nutrition The adjustment of diet, when necessary, can take some suitable nutrition. Health care in life is also more important, such as brushing teeth and washing face in the morning and evening, washing hands and mouth before eating, changing clothes frequently and bathing: do not eat raw and spoiled food; pay attention to ventilation and keep the air fresh at home. Personal and family life style is also of great significance to health. We should pay attention to strengthening communication, visiting relatives and friends, exchanging thoughts and feelings, participating in some sports activities, outings and tourism, etc., which can play a role in regulating body and mind.

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