Sticking to the spirit of vitality is the secret to the health and longevity of the middle-aged and the elderly

The ancients believed that there are three treasures in the sky & the sun, the moon and the stars; there are three treasures in the earth & the water, the fire and the wind; and there are three treasures in people & the spirit of energy;. Health preservation is mainly about people’s spirit;. In ancient times, people who followed the correct way of cultivation could often gain health and longevity. Traditional Chinese medicine has the saying that “Jing Qi Shen” is the key to the survival of human life. As long as people can maintain the essence of foot, Qi and spirit, they will naturally get rid of diseases for a long time. In the book of Miraculous Pivot & middot; this collection chapter, it is said that “& ldquo; people’s spirit of blood and spirit, so people who keep in good health and are concerned with life. &”The mutual use of the human body’s spirit and blood is the foundation to support the body and maintain life.” It can be seen that the ancients attached great importance to these three aspects.

So, what is the essence spirit? “ refined ” the essence of food, which means that health first depends on good diet, abundant nutrition; “ ” can be regarded as external Qi, such as “ terrestrial Qi ” “ Qingqi ” etc., represents the external environment of people’s existence, Qi can also be regarded as the vitality of the human body; and God represents the human mind, soul, spirit and soul and its manifestations.

Essence, Qi and spirit constitute an important part of traditional Chinese health preservation and life theory. So, how can we maintain our spirit? It can be said that there are many methods, and dietary supplement is one of the most important.

The so-called “dietary supplement” is to adjust the dietary structure and scientifically prepare meals according to the needs of the body. Pay attention to the proportion of protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral, vitamin, water, dietary fiber and other nutrients, and the reasonable collocation of food, fruits and vegetables and animal food. &”Grains are suitable for keeping, beans are not good, livestock are good, and excessive food is not light. Five dishes are often full, fresh, green, yellow and red. Five fruits should be used as a help. Try to count as few as possible. If the smell is good, you should take them. In particular, you should not be partial. Food is expensive, and you should not overdo it. &This is the Chinese nation’s incisive exposition of the traditional dietary structure.

In addition, the diet should be combined with the four seasons climate, environment and other conditions to make appropriate adjustments.

For example, in summer, when the heat and humidity are both hot and humid, the muscles open and release, and there are also many sweats. Therefore, in summer, it’s better to eat sweet and cold food, diuresis and heat clearing products, and products with less oil, such as watermelon, winter melon, brandy melon, etc., often drink mung bean soup, and replace tea with lamp wick, bamboo leaf, gypsum, sour plum, and ice sugar fried water, taking the functions of clearing heat, relieving heat and humidity, nourishing yin and Qi. In midsummer, people who usually take ginseng, antler and aconite tonic should also reduce or suspend taking them.

In addition, when people reach middle age, it seems that life has entered a process of continuous loss. The deterioration of health, the family of children, the indifference of marriage, and the changes of the times make the middle-aged people feel depressed and gray for a long time, which also affects their health. Middle aged people should have a good attitude to keep healthy.

Release melancholy

“Being in a state of depression for a long time will lead to excessive production of adrenaline and glucocorticoids, which will not only reduce the body’s resistance, but also accelerate the production of monoamine oxidase and accelerate the aging process,” said Gomez, a Brazilian physician. &”Practice fully shows that depression is an invisible killer of life, and the best way to eliminate this killer is to release the anger and depression accumulated in the chest for a long time.

longevity of the middle-aged

Cultivate confidence

On the road of life, the importance of confidence is self-evident. This is not only the way of life, but also the way of health and longevity. Epidemiologists in Finland claim that a long-term cold attitude towards the future and future of oneself is a sign of poor health. People who have long had this sense of despair have a higher mortality rate than the average for heart disease, cancer and other causes. Despair is closely related to inducing coronary heart disease and cancer. Therefore, the cultivation of confidence is the premise of preventing and curing aging and maintaining health. There are many ways to cultivate self-confidence. Here are some suggestions from experts for reference.

  1. Set a clear goal.
  2. Don’t force yourself to have confidence. It’s important to build up confidence, but we can’t force ourselves to produce the confidence we need, which will increase our psychological burden and mental pressure.
  3. Don’t give in to fear, because it’s a negative psychological phenomenon that must be overcome before major actions are taken, otherwise it will only fail.
  4. Don’t think you can do anything, because one’s ability is limited. The reason why many people fail and have no confidence to fight again is that they were overconfident and chose their goals without analysis.
  5. Keep a good feeling.
  6. Learn from failure, confident people will not only not be afraid of it, but also learn from failure, enhance wisdom, and take a new step.
  7. Keep faith. Of course, we should accept others’ criticism with modesty and take it seriously, but we should ignore malicious attacks or jealousy, and never change our confidence and goals.

Laugh forever

As the saying goes: “smile, ten years old.”. &There’s a reason why we laugh and we are always young.

Laughter can cure disease and improve health. According to the philosopher kalashov, & ldquo; the time of laughter is a special time. &This period of time has completely changed the conventional relationship between people and the world. Laughter can cure asthma, migraine, back pain and some sexual disorders; it can also enhance heart function, reduce blood pressure, stimulate digestion and promote sleep. French psychologists believe that laughter can rejuvenate the body. One minute of laughter, equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation activities, can play the role of taking vitamins.

When you laugh, you can create a real “biochemical storm” in your body;. This storm can eliminate fatigue and improve blood circulation. Laughter is a health exercise for intestinal health. Women often laugh, can make its life-long youth, skin can maintain flexibility, do not wrinkle. Just because laughter can cure diseases, some countries have set up “laugh therapy hospitals”, which are jointly undertaken by humor masters and doctors. The effect is very good.

With a good mood to deal with all the difficulties, will not cause greater trouble to themselves, middle-aged people to maintain vitality, you might as well release your mood.

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