Look at the food that scares men

Fruits and vegetables, oysters, nuts and other foods can induce love, but the following kinds of food will fail:

  1. lotus seed. Although the lotus seed has the effects of treating spleen diarrhea for a long time and smoothing essence from dream, the lotus seed heart has the effect of clearing heart and reducing desire, so we can’t eat too much lotus seed heart.
  2. wax gourd. Also known as pillow. It contains cellulose, nicotine, etc. It has sweet taste, cool nature, and can reduce desire for fire and clear heart heat. “The classic of Materia Medica” said: “the wax gourd has a yin and earth atmosphere inside and is invaded by frost and dew outside, so it tastes sweet, and its Qi is slightly cold and its nature is cold. ”
  3. water chestnut. Also known as Shuiling and Shajiao. It is sweet in taste, cold in nature, and has the effect of nourishing the spirit and strengthening the will, which can calm the desire of men and women. “Dietotherapy herb”) pointed out that “& quo; the fruit in water is the most air-conditioned. People refrigerate it and lose Yang, which makes the jade stem fade. ”
  4. Gai Lan. It is also known as yumanjing and kale. It contains cellulose, sugar, etc. Its taste is sweet and its nature is pungent. It is not only beneficial to water and phlegm, detoxification and wind dispelling, but also has side effects that consume people’s Qi. Eating kale for a long time can inhibit the secretion of sex hormones. “The grass seeks the original” says that it is “sweet, spicy, cold, gas consuming and blood damaging”;.
  5. bamboo shoots. It is cold and astringent, and contains a lot of oxalic acid, which will affect the absorption and utilization of calcium and zinc. If you eat too much bamboo shoots, it will lead to a lack of calcium and zinc, especially zinc, which has a significant impact on sexual desire.
  6. fat. The saturated fat and cholesterol contained in red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, lunch meat) make the blood vessels narrow, including the blood vessels that deliver blood to the sexual parts, which are not fully congested. Moreover, these are small blood vessels, which are most easily blocked.
  7. Fried food. Hydrogenation in vegetable oil can transform oil into solid state, and the fat contained in it is trans fat. In terms of damage, trans fat is better than saturated fat. French fries and fried foods, biscuits and cookies all contain trans fats.
  8. Fine flour. In the process of processing whole wheat into refined bread, zinc will lose three quarters, which is very important for the cultivation of sexual desire and reproductive health. The highest level of zinc in the body is also in the prostate, a high zinc diet helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.
  9. alcohol. Alcohol does great harm to sexual function. A large number of long-term alcoholics will inhibit the metabolism of androgen and reduce the production of testosterone. The male shows hyposexuality, impotence, ejaculation disorder, testicular atrophy and breast feminization; the female shows difficulty in sexual excitement, significantly reduced frequency and intensity of orgasm, and even loss of orgasm, which can also cause endocrine disorder, irregular menstruation, premature amenorrhea, menopause, atrophy of gonads and organs such as breast and vulva, reduction of vaginal secretion, and pain in sexual intercourse The sex life is indifferent, lose “sex” interest.
  10. smoke. Men smoking, can cause penile blood circulation is bad, affect penile erection, serious can lead to impotence, and make sperm abnormal. Women smoking, not only make the egg damaged and distorted, but also prone to ectopic pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancy, and also make the female hormone secretion abnormal, resulting in abnormal menstruation, no menstruation, low sexual desire.

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