Storage of bedding

In general, the area of the bedroom is not very large, only to find its hidden space to improve its use value. The closet space is limited, so reasonable storage is very important. So, how to store the bedding?

Quilt collection

1. The vacuum storage bag for bedding is the most suitable: put the bedding into the storage bag, seal it with a sealing strip, then use the vacuum cleaner air cylinder to extract air from the air nozzle, and finally tighten the dust cover.

2. The volume of bedding can be reduced to a certain extent in the vacuum storage bag of bedding, so as to save storage space.

3. The bedding stored in the vacuum storage bag can be moisture-proof, mould proof and mothproof.

4. Due to the good sealing effect of the vacuum storage bag, the bedding can be well protected.

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