Skillful treatment of foreign bodies in eyes

In winter, the sandstorm is big, and it’s easy to blow in the dirty things in your eyes. It’s dry and astringent, and you can’t stop shedding tears. In summer, some small insects will also get stitches in your eyes, which makes people very distressed. There are many strange things in the eyes, even the eyelashes will fall off from time to time, and sometimes they will be directly pasted on the eyeball, so we need to master the method of skillfully picking up foreign matters, so that we can deal with them in time when the next foreign matters fly into the eyes.

Deftly take out the foreign body in the eye

1. When a foreign body enters the eye, it may feel very uncomfortable, because the cornea is sensitive. Once a foreign body enters the eye, there will be a kind of discomfort or even pain immediately, and tears are inevitable. Do not rub the eyes with your hands at this time, because the cornea is fragile and weak, so as to prevent the cornea from being scratched by foreign bodies, and there are many bacteria on your hands. Sometimes you rub your eyes with it Movement into the eye, attached to the eyeball, causing inflammation of the eye.

2. Close your eyes as soon as possible after your eyes enter into something, wait until the cornea secretes tears, and then blink your eyes gently, or lift up the upper eyelid, drip eyedrops or physiological saline for cleaning, and let the foreign body flow out with the tears or the medicine itself. If these methods do not work, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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