The fire of the gate of life is warm, and the male infertility heals itself

Couples live together for two years or so, because the reason of the man can not make the woman pregnant, male infertility. There are many reasons for male infertility. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that male infertility is mainly caused by kidney deficiency, blood stasis, warm heat, liver depression and blood deficiency. Therefore, men should eat more warm kidney yang food to warm the fire. Take bullwhip as an example. You can prepare 25g bullwhip, 25g rising stone, 35g chestnut and 100g japonica rice. First, decoct the yangqishi with water, remove the medicine and keep the soup, then chop the bullwhip, peel the chestnut and grind the powder, and put them together with the japonica rice into yangqishi soup to cook into porridge, which can nourish the Yin and nourish the liver.

Men who like drinking can also try the following medicine and wine:

Materials: 50g of cooked land, Polygonum multiflorum, polygonatum, Cistanche, 30g of Morinda officinalis, eucommia, Dipsacus, antler, dodder and wolfberry, 15g of cooked aconite, Xianlingpi and cinnamon, 1 pair of gecko, 2 dog whips, 4 sparrows (peeled), 7kg of rice wine.

Method: soak the medicine into the wine, take it after 50 days, take 15 ml in the morning and evening respectively, 1 agent can be soaked twice.

Usage: 1 course after taking 1 dose, 2-3 courses can be taken continuously.

Another pair of Decoction:

Ingredients: 15g mulberry, 20g dodder and 20g wolfberry, 10g plantain, Schisandra, Huluba, Cnidium, baked aconite, epimedium, raspberry and leek.

Usage: 1 dose per day, decoct in water, take twice, take 10 doses continuously, then take 1 dose every 2 days.

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