the four distinguishing methods of cherry

Cheriko is a kind of sweet and nutritious food, because the high price is considered as noble food. Chelizi was introduced from abroad and has been liked by women in recent years. Because it is very nutritious, it can beautify the skin, and it is good for the body to resist aging, so even expensive sales are good.

distinguishing methods of cherry

Effect and function of cherizi

First, anti aging.

Chelizi can promote the production of hemoglobin and play an important role in the metabolism of the body. Regular eating of cherimony can prevent anemia and slow down cell aging.

II. Whitening

Chelizi can whiten. You have a lot of vitamin C in Anhui Province. Its juice contains a lot of carotene and phosphorus, which can smooth wrinkles. Although its size is small, its nutrition can meet the needs of the human body.

distinguishing methods of cherry

III. antiphlogistic and acne removing

Girls who are prone to acne on their faces can eat more chelizi, because it has the effect of eliminating dampness and inflammation, preventing acne from swelling and suppuration.

The difference between cherries and cherries

There are many kinds of cherries, including cherries, big cherries and early fruits. They look very similar, but they differ a lot in price. Teach you the right way to distinguish cherries from cherries, so that you can buy them without mistakes.

I. taste difference

Chelizi has a large pulp, thick taste, abundant sweetness and a lot of juice. The juice is also very rich. The cherry is smaller, and the core is big. It tastes sweet and sour, and tastes more refreshing.

distinguishing methods of cherry

II. Appearance difference

Cherry berries are darker and darker red. The color of Yintao is similar to that of shengnv fruit, which is water red.

III. price difference

The price of cherizi is more expensive for import. It's fifty or sixty yuan per Jin. Cherries are mostly local. If you want to be economical, you can buy them for only a dozen yuan and a Jin.

IV. mature season

Chelizi is mature for a long time. From June to early summer in August, it is on the market. Because of its thick peel, it will not be damaged during long-term transportation. The time of cherry is short. They are only bought in May every year. Because they are not easy to preserve, there are basically no off-season cherries.

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