The five functions of mung bean soup

Mung bean soup is the best drink in summer, especially after freezing, it can bring a fresh feeling and make the body hot and dry. The mung bean is boiled soft and melted in the soup. With the sweet ice sugar, it has an appetite. It is an essential drink in summer. Mung bean has very high nutrition. These five effects make you fall in love with mung bean soup.

Effect and function of mung bean soup

I. cool off

The most obvious effect of mung bean soup is cool, its sweetness is fresh and light, unlike feeling thirsty after drinking. Especially in the outdoor manual workers, can fill the water in time to avoid heatstroke. At the same time, it can balance the electrolyte and supplement potassium.

functions of mung bean soup

II. Antibacterial

Mungbean can improve the body's immunity, resist the invasion of bacteria, inhibit bacterial reproduction, and avoid allergic symptoms. Easy to get sick and flu season can have a lot of resistance.

3. Lose weight

Mung bean has high nutrition and low fat, which is the best choice to lose weight. It's only one percent fat. It won't grow fat after eating a bowl, and it can feel full. Don't put sugar in the thick soup to control the heat.

functions of mung bean soup

IV. skin care and beauty

There are many amino acids and proteins in mung bean, which can whiten skin and keep skin elastic. Vitamin can make the skin have the radiance vitality, with the antibacterial factor to smooth acne.

5. Reduce blood lipid

Mung bean has a lot of fiber and polysaccharide, which can reduce blood lipid. Women with high blood pressure can drink more to prevent heart disease and protect the healthy circulation of internal organs.

functions of mung bean soup

There are many active ingredients in mung bean, so if you want more nutrition, you need to reduce the cooking time and save more vitamins. It's better for women to eat the warm mung bean soup. As a diet therapy, it has no side effects. In addition to mung bean soup, it can also be made into cakes, powder skin and other food, with a unique delicious taste, but people with weak spleen should not eat too much, so as to avoid diarrhea caused by physical deficiency.

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