The oil from salted eggs turned out to be fat!

Many people like to eat salted egg yolk, which is not only delicious, but also has a strong aroma. After cutting, there is also red oil flowing out. This oil is actually the fat of the egg yolk.

Under normal circumstances, the fat in the egg yolk is almost entirely present in a good emulsified form bound to the protein. After soaking in salt water, the protein in the egg yolk undergoes coagulation and denaturation, and is separated from lipids. After the fat accumulates, the phenomenon of “oil out” occurs.

oil from salted eggs
oil from salted eggs

The nutritional value of salted egg yolk is close to that of fresh egg yolk, and it contains high-quality protein, lecithin, vitamins and minerals. During the maturation of salted egg yolk, the absolute fat content is almost unchanged, but due to the loss of water, the relative fat content of the egg yolk gradually increases, as high as 30% or even more than 40%. With the progress of marinating, the salt content and oil output continue to increase, the oil color becomes more vivid, the viscosity becomes thicker and produces a special flavor, and the taste is better.

It is recommended to eat no more than half a salted egg at a time, while eating other high-salt foods and sodium-containing condiments, and pay attention to drink plenty of water or eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.

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