The speed of eating determines the length of life

In Chinese idioms, we use "wolf down" when we eat fast, and use "chew carefully and swallow slowly" when we eat slowly. It's not hard to see that the speed of eating is related to the number and speed of human chewing food.

Medical research has confirmed that saliva secreted by chewing slowly when eating contains a substance that can keep people young & mdash; parotid hormone. Sufficient parotid hormone can effectively maintain the elasticity and vitality of blood vessels and skin and other tissues. Even when people are old, they will be red and full of youthful color, which makes them very young. However, the hormone begins to shrink with age, usually around 30. The most effective and simple way to activate its function is chewing.

In addition, saliva secreted when eating slowly can neutralize and eliminate carcinogens in food, so chewing more can prevent cancer. Experiments show that chewing for 30 seconds can reduce the toxicity of carcinogens.

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