Watch out for the alarm clock to raise your blood pressure

Alarm clock is a common thing in our life. It will tell us the time, remind us that it’s time to get up, it’s time to go to work, and a loud noise wakes us up every day. Maybe we don’t pay much attention to it at ordinary times. The alarm clock is actually endangering our health.

Alarm clock! High blood pressure!

Modern fast-paced life, so that many people can not enjoy the natural wake-up, alarm clock has become the choice of people. But the physiological and psychological effects of waking up by the alarm clock are very harmful to the human body.

1. If you are sleeping and suddenly wake up by the alarm clock, you will feel flustered and depressed. If you are suddenly awakened from deep sleep, people’s short-term memory ability and cognitive ability will be significantly affected.

2. Noisy ringing will destroy our body’s normal physiological function, and the fluctuation of blood pressure, heart rate and respiration of people who are suddenly awakened will be greatly affected.

3. When people are suddenly woken up by the alarm, their blood pressure is quickly raised to the highest level, and their heart rate is also accelerated. It makes people feel uncomfortable. In the long run, blood pressure rises slowly.

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