The temperature of the bedroom should be suitable

A good living environment not only depends on the good sunshine of the house and the improvement of the sanitary conditions of the house, but also has a great relationship with maintaining the temperature of the house. Too high or too low temperature in the house will lead to bad consequences.

The temperature of the bedroom should be suitable

Today's families are basically equipped with air conditioning, so that you can keep the bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer. But do not set the temperature too high or too low. The temperature in the bedroom should be kept suitable:

1. The suitable indoor temperature in summer is 21 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, and the most suitable range is 24 ℃ ~ 26 ℃;

2. In winter, room temperature 19 ℃ & mdash; 24 ℃ is the most comfortable. If 18 ℃ & mdash; 20 ℃, humidity is 60%, the room is also comfortable. Nowadays, the global climate is getting warmer, and people's sense of temperature in their houses is changing. For example, in the living room and bedroom, 22 ℃ & mdash; 23 ℃, in the dining room, 20 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, in the kitchen, because of the heat source, the temperature is kept at about 20 ℃, etc., which are very suitable for people's life.

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