The harm to health of frequent dancing

The ballroom environment is complex with a large number of people, among which there are three kinds of pollution

1. Air pollution. There are many people in the ballroom, and the air pollution is relatively serious. The amount of bacteria in the air per cubic meter is as high as 4 million, which is 4000 times of that in the general indoor. When people are dancing, they are easily attacked by germs due to their fatigue and decreased resistance.

2. Light pollution. The light in the dance floor is strong and dazzling, the color is bright and dark, and the high-speed rotation will make people dazzled and dazzled, which will cause great damage to people’s eyes, even lose consciousness and shock.

3. Noise pollution. The combination sound installed in the ballroom is generally more than 80-98 decibels. If a person is in this environment for a long time, the hearing organization of the inner ear will have degenerative changes, resulting in hearing loss, or even occupational deafness.

Therefore, in order to prevent the above hazards to health, it is best not to often bubble ballroom.


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