There is a way for men to eat: diet varies with constitution

Now, when it comes to three meals a day, it can be described as “saying that the public is right and the mother is right”;. Some people say that as long as we follow the principle of “one, two, three, four, five; red, yellow, green, white, black”, we can get on the “Health Express” as soon as possible; others say that Chinese people eat soymilk better than milk, and eat shrimp better than meat. And so on, we can’t agree. However, both the public reason and the woman reason are not as rational as their own constitution. It is the most scientific to determine diet according to their own constitution.

diet varies with constitution

Mr. Hua has just arrived at the age of no doubt, which is the age of great talent, but unfortunately he was hit by rectal cancer. Although it was found earlier, the radical operation was carried out in time to save life, but the “migration” of the anus to the belly brought inconvenience to life. He went to consult an old Chinese doctor, who carefully examined his pulse and tongue, and inquired about his daily life, especially noticed that he liked to eat spicy hot pot, hot pot, etc., and told him that the wrong choice was the wrong one. According to the principle of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, Mr. Hua belongs to the hot constitution. He should eat more cold or plain food and deal with less hot food. However, most of the hot food, such as pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, etc., are hot food, so that the heat is heated up and forms the heat toxin. The heat toxin acts on the body for a long time, causing continuous natural troubles and even cancer. Mr. Hua suddenly realized that he had lived for decades, and had not yet begun to learn the subject of eating. It was unscientific to choose food only on the basis of good taste and evil taste, and eating according to the constitution was the only way to obtain health.

Traditional Chinese medicine divides human body constitution into four main types: warm body, cold body, solid body and empty body, which basically covers all the people. But the food has four natures: cold, hot, warm, cold, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and salty. Such as tomato, watermelon, bitter melon and other cold; red pepper, longan, walnut and other hot. People who are afraid of cold should eat longan, walnuts, etc.; people who are afraid of hot should eat tomatoes, balsam pear, etc. If you eat right, you will get nutrition. If you eat wrong, you will suffer from it.

In a word, we must grasp two points: one is the balance between human body constitution and food taste. Only by implementing the principle of “cold is hot, heat is cold, deficiency is replenished, and consolidation is diarrhea”, can we achieve the balance, otherwise we will lose balance; the other is the balance between food and food. For example, how to match a dish to meet an individual’s physical condition is very important.

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