This type of person, eating carambola may be terrible!

China’s vast land, every season and the solar terms have seasonal fruit. At this point in time, Yang Tao is at the time. Those who have eaten carambola are surely impressed by the taste of carambola. They bite down, full of juice, and the mouth is sour and sweet, and it hurts the taste buds.

Because of this taste, many people like to eat carambola, and the shape of the carambola cut is very similar to the little stars. Children are also fond of carambola. However, carambola is an invisible killer, and you need to pay more attention when eating.

Carambola is a stealth killer

Although the carambola is sweet and sour, it itself contains toxins, which are called oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a slightly toxic substance. Studies have shown that adults need 15-30 grams of oral oxalic acid to die. However, it is impossible for us to take a sufficient amount of lethal oxalic acid from the carambola. It is possible to kill dozens or even hundreds of ripe carambolas in one breath.

Oxalic acid does not explain why carambola may become a stealth killer. However, in recent years, scientists have isolated a new toxin caramboxin from carambola. The experiment found that caramboxin can produce excitotoxicity, causing symptoms such as epilepsy in experimental animals.

This may explain why some people call the carambola an invisible killer. Healthy people eat carambola and eat it. Generally speaking, there will be no big problems, but there are such a group of people. They eat carambola, just like life, eating the carambola, the loss may be their own life.

Kidney insufficiency, don’t eat carambola

The toxins contained in carambola do not have too many problems for healthy people. After eating carambola, they will not be poisoned. Patients with renal insufficiency are unable to excrete toxins due to their low metabolic capacity in the kidneys, which is prone to symptoms of poisoning. Poisoning patients may have nausea, vomiting, and even symptoms of epilepsy, coma, etc., which can be fatal in severe cases.

Having said that, everyone should know why there is news of eating carambola poisoning in the news. The protagonists in these news are mostly people with impaired renal function. Patients with renal insufficiency are advised not to eat carambola. Healthy people who eat carambola also need to do the right amount.

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