Tighten the skin from the inside

Youth is infinitely beautiful, so we try our best to keep it and refuse to age. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is the main reservoir of essence. When the kidney essence is full and the kidney qi is strong, the five organs function normally. But if the blood is strong, the face will not be bad. When kidney qi deficiency declines, people will show the symptoms of premature aging, such as dark complexion, gray sideburns, shaking teeth and falling hair. The constitution of kidney yang deficiency will lead to the degradation of body function. In the aspect of skin, the skin will show the aging state and wrinkles will appear on the face. Therefore, if we want to slow down the aging process, we must first raise the kidney.

1. Diet and kidney nourishing

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: the kidney is the foundation of nature, and “black into the kidney” so we can eat more black food to achieve the effect of strengthening the body, tonifying the brain and benefiting the essence, preventing the aging and anti-aging. So what is “black food”? &”Black food” refers to two aspects: one is the food with black color; the other is the food with high crude fiber content. Common black foods include black sesame, black beans, black rice, black buckwheat, black dates, black grapes, black pine nuts, black mushrooms, black fungus, kelp, black chicken, turtle, etc.

In addition, it can be eaten often. Some food with mucus, such as pig skin, pig hoof and so on. The reason why they can tighten and beautify the skin is that they contain collagen, which can resist wrinkles and delay aging.

2. Massage and tonify the kidney

Rub the waist and eyes: rub the back of the waist with both hands, once in the morning and once in the evening every day. Clench the fist with both hands. The small circle formed by the thumb and index finger is called the fist eye. Use the fist eye to aim at the position of the kidneys on both sides of the back waist and spine respectively, then rub back and forth horizontally at one side, ~ while squeezing the kidneys to the middle. In the process of rubbing, it can bring heat to the kidney, improve the kidney yang, and in the process of pressing towards the middle, it can enhance the energy of both kidneys. Therefore, you should rub until both kidneys feel hot.

Push back method to strengthen the kidney: push back can enhance the whole body’s vital energy, improve kidney function, and nourish the whole body. The specific method is to push up from the bottom to the top, starting from the tail vertebra along the spine with the thumb and belly, and push back and forth. When encountering special pain, press and knead more. This method can not only make you sleep well, but also is very beneficial to the kidney and the whole body skin.

In addition, for some parts of the skin relaxation, you can use the method of massage, let the skin & ldquo; live & rdquo; again.

(1) Face flabby.

① Cover your face with the palm of your hand and pull it up.

② Open your mouth and do pronunciation exercises.

(2) Slack neck.

① Use your middle finger to press on the gland.

② The fingers slide in the direction of the clavicle, driving the flow of waste.

(3) Flabby mouth.

① Press the corners of your mouth with your fingertips and pull up.

② For the vertical wrinkles above the lips, press with your fingers, then extend to the left and right.

③ Do pronunciation exercises and exercise the muscles around the mouth.

Open your mouth for 2 to 3 seconds. Then close your lips tightly for 2 seconds. Repeat for about 2 minutes to tighten your chin muscles. After getting up in the morning, you may as well drink a cup of warm lemonade, which can eliminate toxins in the body and prevent eye relaxation.

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