Healthy life based on water

Li Shizhen, the king of medicine, said: “water is the source of all things, and when it goes, it will run out.”. Water is the source of life, a person can not eat for a year, but not three days without water. ”

&”Man is a walking water bag. &”Water is indispensable for the digestion, absorption, blood circulation and waste discharge of food in the human body. Immunity is no exception.

First of all, all kinds of human physiological activities need water, such as water can dissolve all kinds of nutrients, fat and protein can be absorbed only when they become colloidal state suspended in water; water flows continuously between blood vessels and cells, carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissue cells, and then discharging the metabolic waste out of the body, all kinds of human metabolism and physiological activities are inseparable from water.

Secondly, water plays a certain role in thermoregulation. When people breathe and perspire, some water will be discharged. For example, in the hot season, when the ambient temperature is often higher than the body temperature, people rely on sweating to evaporate water and take part of the heat away to reduce the body temperature and avoid heatstroke. In cold weather, because of the great potential of water to store heat, the body temperature will not fluctuate obviously due to the low external temperature.

Finally, water is the lubricant in the body. It can moisturize the skin. If the skin is short of water, it will become dry, lose elasticity and look old. Some joint capsule fluid and serous membrane fluid in the body can prevent the organs from friction damage, and can rotate flexibly. Tears and saliva are also the lubricants of corresponding organs.

More importantly, water is one of the three magic weapons of medical treatment. Because patients need to drink a lot of water to produce a lot of urine and sweat in order to discharge the metabolites and excess waste of human body. Through physiological phenomenon, the disease source is discharged from the body, at the same time, the metabolism of drugs is promoted and the side effects of drugs are reduced.

In addition, water can open the meridians. Water is a good conductor. If the body is short of water, the meridians will have poor conductivity, which will cause stagnation of Qi and blood, unable to deliver the energy required by the body to all organs and tissues, so that the metabolites can not be discharged normally, resulting in blocked Qi and blood, physiological disorder, and weakness and illness.

For a long time, many people spend a large amount of medical expenses once they get sick, or try to eat “healthy food”, “pesticide free vegetables, fruits, additives free food” and other things to ensure the continuity of life and maintain health, but the effect is very little. Medicine is better than food. Food is better than water. Among the seven nutrients in human body, water is the first. If people can realize the function and importance of water and use it effectively, they can maintain and promote health.

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