Tips for putting disinfectant and washing powder back

No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, washing clothes is inseparable from washing powder and disinfectant. It can not only clean clothes, but also kill virus and bacteria. Many people don’t care much about the storage of washing powder and disinfectant water. In fact, putting disinfectant water and washing powder reasonably can save consumption to a large extent and bring convenience to each use.

Ingeniously put disinfectant and washing powder

It seems that there is nothing special about the storage of disinfectant water and washing powder. In fact, some details need to be prevented and paid attention to. Let’s introduce how to put disinfectant water and washing powder skillfully.

1. As the disinfectant water is liquid, it is easy to volatilize, and the effective ingredients will be lost, so it is better to store it in a bottle with a lid. After using it, the lid should be sealed in time.

2. Although washing powder is a solid particle, it is easy to be wasted. The characteristic of washing powder is that it dissolves when wet. It’s better not to put the bag of washing powder on the ground directly, so it’s easy to get wet and agglomerate.

3. There is a better way to keep the washing powder, which is to put it in a clean drink bottle. On the one hand, it is moisture-proof, and on the other hand, it is convenient to take a proper amount of it to avoid unnecessary waste.

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