Understanding food fats, it's not difficult to lose weight reasonably

Calculate your calories

To choose the right food, you should not simply distinguish between "good" and "bad" foods. Instead, you should choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. At the same time, consciously calculate your calories and stay away from high-fat, high-calorie foods. Making informed choices can help you stay healthy and manage your weight.

it's not difficult to lose weight
it's not difficult to lose weight

Choosing the right food

Excessive dieting does not necessarily lead to weight loss. Instead, you should choose a variety of foods from all food categories to supplement the nutrients your body needs. In daily life, eat more dark green vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and orange-yellow vegetables, including carrots, broccoli and spinach. To supplement the protein required by the human body, you can choose fish, beans, dairy products and so on. The staple food should not be too fine, and eating coarse grains is better for the body. Eat at least three ounces of cereals, bread, rice or pasta every day.

Understanding fat

Foods have a variety of fats. Simply put, diets low in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol can help reduce the risk of heart disease. To confirm the fat content of food, when you go to the mall to buy food, you should consciously understand the food label and check the total fat and saturated fat written on the food packaging bag. To make sure your diet is low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol, low in salt and low in sugar.

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