Watching TV while eating is harmful to health

In the subconscious of countless people, it seems to be a normal thing to watch TV while eating. What's wrong with killing two birds with one stone?

Eating while watching is harmful to health

Watching TV while eating
Watching TV while eating

According to scientific analysis, watching TV while eating will affect the digestion and absorption function of human body. When people are eating, gastrointestinal blood vessels expand, blood circulation increases, digestive fluid and digestive enzyme secretion increase, gastrointestinal peristalsis accelerates, so that food can be fully digested and absorbed. If you watch TV while eating, the phenomenon that the brain and gastrointestinal tract compete for blood will reduce the blood supply of the digestive organ, cause gastrointestinal digestive dysfunction, and cause digestive malabsorption. For a long time, it may also cause gastric and duodenal ulcer disease.

In addition, watching TV while eating may cause respiratory tract aspiration pneumonia, or bite chopsticks, spoons, damage teeth and break lips. So, it's best not to watch TV while eating.

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