What bodybuilding recipes should pregnant women adopt

The health of pregnant women and the nutrition of fetus depend on diet. Therefore, the nutrition of pregnant women must be balanced and reasonable. The combination of meat and vegetable, the combination of thickness and fineness, moderate hunger and satiety, not partial to food and not picky about food. The intake and weight of diet can be determined according to the activity amount and constitution of pregnant women and the weight before pregnancy, and the intake of protein, mineral and vitamin should be especially strengthened. The diet should be light, eat less and eat more, and avoid sweet food, high-energy snacks, fat meat, fried food, etc.

Warm tips

It is not suitable to eat foods with high salt content, such as bacon, ham, salted fish, tofu, etc. Avoid eating irritant things, such as pepper, coffee, strong tea, etc. Do not eat more starchy foods and fruits.


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