What can't red dates eat with?

Red jujube, also known as big jujube, thorn jujube, beautiful jujube, good jujube and so on, is one of the specialties of our country. Red jujube, thin skin and thick flesh, moderate sweetness and rich nutrition, is a good tonic for autumn and winter. Red jujube can be eaten raw or cooked. It can also be processed into dried jujube, jujube mud, preserved jujube, jujube paste, drunk jujube, smoked jujube, burnt jujube, black jujube, honey jujube can, jujube tea, jujube wine, jujube vinegar, jujube juice beverage, etc. it can also be used for cooking. It can be used to stew chicken, stewed duck, stewed pig's feet, etc., all of which have unique flavor and are sweet and nourishing. What can't red dates eat with?

Dried shrimps.

When eating red dates, you can't eat shrimp skin at the same time. Eating the same can cause poisoning.


When eating red dates, do not eat catfish. Eating the same will cause hair loss. If you eat it together, you can detoxify it with crabs.


red dates

Eat red dates at the same time, can not eat seafood, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain.

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