What is the impact of menstrual sex on women

Doctors believe that the high incidence of women’s endometritis, salpingitis, endometriosis and other diseases, even infertility, has a lot to do with menstrual unclean life. We all know that the genitals of normal women have multiple defense barriers, the first one is in the vagina. There are lactobacilli here, which can produce lactic acid and keep the acid environment of vagina, making the invading pathogenic bacteria unable to stand and reproduce. The second line of defense is in the cervix. There’s a slime plug. It’s like a cork. It stops pathogens from entering the uterine cavity. The third line of defense is in the inner membrane of the suborgan cavity, which has many folds to prevent the bacteria from entering the fallopian tube, menstruation, endometrial exfoliation, and the adhered bacteria are also rushed out of the suborgan cavity. The above three lines of defense will be temporarily withdrawn during menstruation. After the exfoliation of endometrium, it not only left a huge wound, but also replaced the mucous thrombus of cervix by the menstrual blood flow. At the same time, the acid environment of vagina was also replaced by the neutrality of menstrual blood. This is when women’s resistance is at its weakest.

Therefore, if the couple share the same room during menstruation, the pathogenic bacteria from penis to vagina will multiply in large numbers. These pathogenic & ldquo; Group & rdquo; bacteria then swarmed up through the cervix, into the uterine cavity, and gathered on the wound surface of the subsidiary organ cavity. These pathogenic bacteria either adhere to the sperm surface and enter the fallopian tube, or are sucked into the fallopian tube due to the negative pressure caused by sex, which may cause salpingitis, swelling, necrosis, suppuration, scar adhesion, and only the tubal cavity with thick cotton thread is blocked.

The serious consequence is that after the fallopian tube is blocked, the sperm can’t pass through the blocked part, and the eggs waiting here can’t be fertilized, so the infertility is formed. Sometimes the obstruction of fallopian tube is light, and sperm can squeeze through the slit to reach the lateral section of fallopian tube to fertilize the egg, but the fertilized egg which is ten times larger than sperm can not enter the uterine cavity through the slit, so it can only be planted in the fallopian tube locally, which results in ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, doctors suggest that young male friends should refrain from impulse during menstruation, which is also a specific manifestation of respect and love for her, so as to enjoy healthy sexual life and stay away from disease.

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