What’s the harm of partial food?

People often say that “wearing clothes and hats is good for each, and turnips and vegetables are good for each”;. In this way, there is no reproach for being fond of choosing food. It seems that it is right. In fact, if you like some food, you will have some food you don’t like. These so-called “hobbies” are partial foods. Partial diet has a serious impact on human body, which must be corrected. So what’s the harm of partial food?

As we all know, the normal life activities of human body need six basic nutrients: sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. There are not all kinds of nutrients in the same kind of food, but the content of a certain kind or several nutrients. If we only take some of our favorite foods, i.e. partial foods, it will lead to the deficiency of some kinds of nutrients. For example, we have analyzed that we should not eat refined rice and coarse grain for a long time. In addition, if children prefer sweet food, they will take too much sugar in the body, and the minerals and vitamins in the body will not be supplemented properly. Over time, children will suffer from malnutrition, caries, anorexia or excessive sugar will be converted into fat to form obesity.

In addition, and some special patients in the diet of partial appetite, need to be under the guidance of medical staff, play an auxiliary role in drug treatment, this should not be discussed.

There are also nutritionists to remind you that the common diet of human beings is enough to provide all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body, and there is no need to pay attention to the purchase of special tonics and oral liquids.

In a word, partial diet is harmful to human body. In daily diet, we should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetable, food and beans, fruits and vegetables. Especially in the growth and development of young children, must not form the habit of partial food, otherwise it will affect the normal development of the body. As parents, they should correct their children’s partial food in time to make their children grow up healthily.

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