What are the taboos of making cold dishes in summer?

Hot summer, and some ice drinks and cold dishes occupy the main position of people’s diet. Although some meat products need to be heated to maturity, they are still eaten on a plate after being cooled. They are still cold dishes. The high temperature in summer is the best time for bacteria to propagate. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the sanitation when making cold dishes in summer, which requires us to understand some taboos and taboos about making cold dishes.

making cold dishes in summer
making cold dishes in summer
  1. Do not place cold dishes for a long time. The longer the cooked raw materials are placed, the greater the degree of bacterial contamination, and even deterioration, food poisoning or acute enteritis and other diseases are likely to occur after eating. It’s better to heat the food and store it for a short time, and add some vinegar and garlic when eating, so that it can be seasoned and sterilized.
  2. Do not wash vegetables when they are used for cold mixing. Because and some vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, lettuce and so on are easy to be polluted by pesticides, parasites and bacteria in the growth process, these are invisible to human eyes. If they are not washed and washed or simply wiped with a clean cloth, it is not sanitary. It is best to wash with running water, which can remove more than 90% of bacteria and parasite eggs. Of course, it is not necessary to clean the raw materials of hot stir fry, otherwise, the nutrients of the raw materials washed by running water will lose a lot, and the heating is enough to kill bacteria and insect eggs. Running water washing is more suitable for the raw materials of cold dishes. The washing work before mixing should be serious. You can also wash it with cold water first, then scald it with boiling water, so as to kill the remaining bacteria and parasite eggs. If it can be peeled, then it is more hygienic to process it into cold dishes.
  3. The appliance for making cold dishes should not be used directly. The knife, chopping board, bowl, plate, dishcloth, etc. for making cold dishes should be cleaned before use. It’s better to soak and soak them in boiling water first. The tableware should be boiled in boiling water for about 5 minutes, so that it can be used after full disinfection. Or use special cleaning agent to clean. Do not use all kinds of tools directly.

In a word, when making cold dishes in summer, we must pay attention to their hygiene problems. The processed food should be covered to prevent dust, mosquito bites, flies and so on. Do not use your hands to catch them.

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