Why dietary fiber has the effect of reducing fat and reducing weight

If obese people want to lose weight to consult experts, ask what special dietary requirements. Experts generally hope that obese people limit the consumption of animal fat, and eat more vegetables, fruits, seaweed and other foods.

So why do fruits and vegetables and seaweeds have the effect of reducing weight? It turns out that vegetables, fruits and seaweeds are rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is an excellent material for reducing weight and fat, which has three major contributions to human health.

One is dietary fiber, which is composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and water-soluble fruit acid, agar, alginic acid, etc. After ingestion, these ingredients will not be digested and decomposed into caloric substances, and the proportion of sugar in them is very small, which will not increase the burden of heat absorption. Therefore, it is a low calorie food. No matter how much you eat, it will not lead to obesity.

Second, eat more food containing dietary fiber, which can slow down the movement of food from stomach to intestines, and make people feel full easily. In addition, dietary fiber has a characteristic, which is easy to expand when encountering water. When the expanded dietary fiber compresses the gastric mucosa, it will transmit the feeling speed of fullness to the excitation and satiety center of human brain, so as to send out the command that the stomach has been filled, so as to reduce the feeding requirements of human beings. Less food, less calories. People don’t get fat.

Third, dietary fiber has the function of slowing down the absorption of fat and sugar, so the blood glucose, insulin and fat will be reduced, thus reducing the threat of excessive absorption of fat.

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