Why can't we use antibiotics to lose weight

Among some obese people, there is a secret recipe to lose weight, which is to use antibiotics to lose weight.

It was only by chance that antibiotics could lose weight. It was found that after taking antibiotics, it even caused diarrhea. Inadvertently discovered, so that they suddenly wonder, why not use antibiotics to lose weight, both can treat disease, but also to lose weight, really kill two birds with one stone. Due to the variety of antibiotics, low price, purchase and use are very convenient. So the use of antibiotics to lose weight almost to the extent of abuse.

It's true that antibiotics cause diarrhea, which is caused by drugs. Because some broad-spectrum antibiotics will kill the microorganisms that help digestion in the intestine, and make the digestive function in the large intestine lose balance, thus causing diarrhea. Regular diarrhea will inevitably reduce the weight of people, so the obese people regard it as the best way to lose weight.

However, long-term artificial use of antibiotics to lose weight will produce drug resistance, when people really suffer from bacterial infectious diseases, then antibiotics will lose their effectiveness, such consequences are very terrible. In addition, if people have diarrhea for a long time, although it can reduce the absorption of fat, other nutrients will also be lost, which will lead to malnutrition, physical decline, anemia, shock and other diseases. Therefore, using antibiotics to lose weight has many disadvantages but no advantages.

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