Why do we need food?

Curious kids may often ask, why do we need to eat? Just as mobile phones need to be recharged every day, our bodies need food to provide nutrients every day. You need to eat and drink water every day to keep the body healthy. Food can provide energy to help us grow, play games, learn and stay healthy , And we need to consume five different kinds of food every day.

These five foods include: 1) cereals; 2) fruits; 3) vegetables; 4) milk or vegetarian options; 5) meat or vegetarian options. At the same time, our body also needs nuts, healthy fats and small amounts of sauces. Fresh food is the best. Processed foods, foods containing unhealthy lipids and sugars may not be good for your body. This is why cakes, lollipops and soft drinks are not recommended. If you take too much of these With food, the body is at risk for illness.

Why do we need food
Why do we need food

Food journey

The food we eat will start its journey in the mouth. In the mouth, the teeth will chew the food. When the food is swallowed by the body, it will enter the digestive system. In the digestive system, the food will be broken into small pieces into the body Function, this process is called digestion process; foods such as whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruits often contain carbohydrates and fiber, while nuts, oils and sauces contain healthy lipids, and the body uses carbohydrates and fats As energy to support our running and playing games, fiber can promote digestion and avoid constipation.

Milk, meat, eggs, and beans are rich in protein, which the body uses to grow hair, nails, and skin, and to help repair any wounds. Food contains a small amount of vitamins and minerals, which can help maintain body health; meat and orange vegetables such as carrots contain vitamin A, which can help us see things in the dark, and oranges are rich in vitamin C, It can help the body effectively resist damage caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Minerals such as calcium in dairy products can help the body’s bones become stronger, while iron in meat and some breakfast cereals can help the blood in the body to better carry oxygen.


Each of us may have heard the sound of cooing in the stomach. When the cooing in the stomach indicates that we are hungry and need to eat, we can stop eating when we feel full. Water is the best “drink” we need every day. It can help the body and the brain to function better. If we sweat, we need to replenish water in time. In daily life, if there is no water and food, you may You will feel tired, which will affect the normal function of the body, and then affect learning and life. As long as you eat a variety of foods and drink water regularly, you can effectively maintain your health.

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