Why drinking green tea can reduce fat storage in the body

Drinking tea can make your eyes bright, as you may know, but not many people know that drinking tea can reduce fat. According to the composition analysis of green tea, it is found that green tea is indeed the treasure house of weight loss. First of all, there is a unique aromatic compound in green tea. This compound can turn turbid and greasy, dissolve fat, and reduce the storage of fat in human body. Secondly, green tea is also rich in vitamin B. Caffeine of vitamin C, these substances can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and eliminate fat. The saponins in green tea can remove the fat adhering to the blood vessel wall and reduce the cholesterol content in the blood. Experts also generally believe that green tea can also increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and calories, strengthen the blood circulation, and help eliminate the storage of fat in the body.

Experts believe that if green tea can be matched with traditional weight-loss Chinese herbal medicine, how to Shouwu, Alisma, hawthorn, medicinal leaves, job’s tears, the effect will be better. For example, the famous fat reducing and weight reducing tea lotus leaf tea, with 3 grams of green tea, 9 grams of lotus leaf, boiling water to take, can not only reduce weight and fat, but also treat acne, the effect is quite good. Another example is to freshen and lighten green tea. Take 1g green tea and 1.5g rhubarb, and take them with boiling water. They have the effects of defecating, reducing fat and eliminating bad breath.

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