Why is plant the best medicine to relieve orange skin

Orange skin is a symptom of obesity in the form of edema and cellulitis. The surface of the skin is uneven and honeycomb, which is not only harmful to the beauty, but also stubborn. It is the most difficult obesity to serve in weight loss. It is often massaged and acupunctured by you, but its fur is not damaged.

Although orange skin is stubborn, it can't escape the rule that there is one thing falling one thing. In nature, there are many plants with excretion, diuresis and detoxification, which are the enemies of orange skin. Experts believe that orange skin is cellulitis, an inflammation of subcutaneous tissue caused by the accumulation of toxins, fat and water, which can't even be treated with drugs, but ivy, seaweed and other plants can play an unexpected role. Because ivy and seaweed can promote blood circulation and lymph circulation. If you add caffeine to the extracts of these two plants, you can effectively resolve the accumulation of local cellulitis. In addition, chamomile, anise root, cat whisker grass also have good effect.

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