Why learn to count calories in food

The reason why obese people are obese is obviously related to their excessive calorie intake and consumption. If obese people can correctly grasp the intake of calories, then it is of great benefit to lose weight. Therefore, fat people must learn to calculate the calories in the food to lose weight, and correctly grasp the best proportion of the calories provided by the three major nutrients in the daily diet. So it’s perfectly possible to stay away from obesity.

The so-called calories, referred to as calories, are units of calories. Generally speaking, 1 calorie of heat is the heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree. Because the calculation unit of a card is relatively small, it is usually expressed in terms of “thousand cards” or “large cards”. &”Kilo card” and “large card” are 1000 times of the card. The daily intake of sugar (starch from grains) is about 4 kilocalories per gram, fat 9 kilocalories per gram and protein 4 kilocalories per gram. In general, the most balanced calorie intake should be 50% sugar, 20% protein and 30% fat. Of course, because of the different age, nature of work and other reasons, each person should need different calories every day. For people under 40, the daily calorie requirement is the ideal weight multiplied by 26.4. People over the age of 40 only need to multiply the ideal weight by 22. If you take too much calories, they will be stored in your body, making you overweight and obese.

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