Why “soup” and “scald” are listed as the taboo of weight loss

Obese people have many taboo habits and foods when they lose weight. If they don’t get rid of these habits and foods, it’s difficult to succeed in losing weight. In many forbidden habits and foods for weight loss, especially the “soup” and “hot” are taboos.

&”Soup” is a hobby of Chinese people, especially those in the south of China. Every meal must have “soup”, and these “soup” are made by stewing some high nutrition foods, which are rich in fat, amino acid and starch. &”Soup” is much faster than other foods. Half an hour is enough. As the soup is relatively uniform and easily dispersed in the small intestine, it has a large absorption area and is easy to be digested and absorbed, so drinking & ldquo; soup & rdquo; can easily make people fat.

&”Hot” refers to eating very hot food. Because the food with high temperature will enlarge the blood vessels of the intestinal wall, strengthen the secretion activity of the digestive gland, promote the digestion and absorption, and increase the chance to absorb the sugar and fat foods in the human body. Therefore, eating “hot” food is also a big taboo to lose weight.

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