Why not mystify the weight loss of lecithin

In the market of weight-loss products, it was once the world of lecithin, people almost deified lecithin, claiming that lecithin can dissolve the fat in the human body, and there is the ability to move the fat, let the fat in the place where the fat should not grow, and successfully dissociate to the chest and arm which should be full, so that people’s body should be big and small. Does lecithin really have such a magical effect? If it does, do you need other ways to lose weight?

In fact, lecithin is a kind of substance existing in soybean, which is mainly composed of choline phospholipid, inositol phosphate, cephalin and linoleic acid. When people use soybean to make oil, they found that the crude oil contains about 2% lecithin. Because lecithin is easy to coking, it will affect the grade and quality of soybean oil, so people separate it from the oil and use it as feed for livestock. Later, people think it’s a pity to treat lecithin like this. It’s found in the research that lecithin has the function of emulsification. The choline component in lecithin can increase the high density lipoprotein in human body, prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage, and promote the absorption of liposoluble vitamins A, D and E. But these effects are quickly exaggerated to become a panacea for aging, dementia, constipation, asthma and weight loss, especially in terms of weight loss. In fact, lecithin does not have the effect of weight loss, which itself contains high calorie fatty acids, a large number of intake not only can not lose weight, but also increase weight, resulting in obesity. Therefore, lecithin is not a magic diet medicine.

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