Why do women have menstrual disorders when they exercise to lose weight

Some women, especially young women, don’t have too much fat and people don’t seem fat. However, under the control of their pursuit of perfection, they also join the team of weight loss and choose sports to lose weight. Because there is no full-time coach to guide, so often too much exercise, there is a menstrual tide delay or menopause phenomenon, so anxious. So why does large amount of exercise cause menstrual disorder? It turns out that this is caused by the loss of too much fat in the body. The human body is selective in energy distribution. On the basis of energy reduction, the body first meets the energy needed for human survival, and those functions that are not essential for survival, such as reproductive function, will temporarily stop the supply of energy. Therefore, the secretion of hormones necessary for female fertility, such as pituitary gonadotropin, ovarian estrogen and progesterone, will inevitably decrease To delay or stop menstruation.

In addition, excessive exercise will increase the concentration of catechol and fibrin in the blood and other chemicals, which will also cause women amenorrhea. Of course, amenorrhea caused by the above reasons is not pathological. As long as we adjust the exercise plan and reduce the amount of exercise, menstruation can resume.

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