Why to persuade cathartic to lose weight

Some obese people are reluctant to give up delicious food when they lose weight. So they found the balance point, that is, eat the delicious food as you like, and then use the cathartic to pull it out of your stomach. In this way, we can not only eat well, but also lose weight.

In fact, it is very unscientific and irresponsible to lose weight with cathartic. There are many kinds of cathartic, one of which is volume cathartic. It is mainly composed of parasol gum rich in plant fiber and methylcellulose synthesized from Caragana. This kind of cathartic can absorb water, increase the volume of stool, and make it easy to discharge smoothly. The other is a cathartic with permeability, which can excite the intestinal wall and cause diarrhea. Generally, these laxatives are mainly used to treat constipation and defecate during anorectal examination. This kind of cathartic has no big side effect when used occasionally, but it is often used as a weight-loss drug, which may cause acute diarrhea and collapse. In addition, cathartic itself can also cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Long-term use will lead to electrolyte imbalance, loss of minerals and vitamins, malnutrition, and even dehydration. And when you use laxatives, you may lose weight, but once you stop taking them, you'll lose weight. Therefore, the use of cathartic to lose weight, not only can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also great harm to the health of the body.

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