Why is muscle ache an indication of excessive exercise

Some obese people are in pursuit of the effect of each exercise, and their test standard is often whether the muscle is sore. They think that the muscle ache after exercise shows that the exercise effect has been achieved. In fact, it’s a mistake of losing weight through exercise.

If muscle soreness occurs after exercise, it is due to the presence of lactic acid in the body;. After exercise, the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle is too much, which stimulates nerve endings and causes a normal physiological reaction. The main cause of excessive lactate is excessive exercise. When muscles move too fast, aerobic digestion is insufficient, so anaerobic digestion is used instead, resulting in excessive lactic acid in muscle tissue. Generally speaking, as long as you stop exercising or reduce the amount of exercise, the pain will gradually disappear. Of course, excessive exercise should be avoided as often as possible, or excessive accumulation of lactic acid is harmful to health.

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