Wine doesn't get better as it gets older

Maybe a lot of people will think. After a long time of storage, the wine will become mellow and delicious. Is that true? In fact, it is not all.

As you know, there are many kinds of organic acids in wine. In the process of storage, alcohols will react with organic acids to produce a new substance called "ester". As the newly formed esters have their own special aroma, they are stored for a certain period of time. Most of them are very mellow. Therefore, people usually call this "esterification reaction" of wine as "aroma producing reaction";.

However, this kind of "esterification reaction" of wine is rather slow. Generally, high-quality wine needs to be stored for 4 & mdash; 5 years, or a longer period of time to complete the process and become fragrant and mellow. Therefore, some people call this process of wine "the effective storage period";.

In other words, the best storage period of wine is 4 & mdash; 5 years, not "the older the better";. If the effective storage period is reached and the blind storage is continued, the alcohol concentration will decrease to a certain extent. It makes the wine taste light, aroma disappear, and even quality change. Therefore, it is meaningless to store wine indefinitely

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