15 bad habits leading to hair loss

1. Always use hair dryer

Frequent use of hair dryer can reduce the moisture content of hair to less than 10%, the hair will become rough and bifurcated, and frequent use of hair dryer will result in this. It’s best to let the hair dry naturally. As for those who often go to the beauty salon, please ask the hairdresser to take the hair dryer far away, do not blow it against the scalp, and the time should not be too long.

2. Comb your hair more than 50 times a day

Combing the hair can help to clean up the dirt attached to the hair and stimulate the scalp, promoting the blood circulation of the scalp. But combing too much will hurt the hair. It is suggested that only about 30 combing times a day is enough.

3. Only comb the end of the hair

The right way to comb your hair is to comb it slowly from the root to the tip, especially for those with long hair. If only combing the hair tail, often even the phenomenon of broken hair or filament winding.

4. Curl your hair when it’s wet

The right way is to wait until the hair is 70-80% dry, and then roll it up.

5. Dry the hair after washing

Rubbing with towel will only make hair dry and astringent. You should wrap your hair with a dry towel and press gently. The dry towel will naturally absorb the moisture on your hair.

6. shampoo, the more foam, the better.

Many people think that the stronger the shampoo, the more shampoo the foam, the more clean the hair will wash. In fact, it will make the hair more dry. The foam of shampoo should not be excessive, but the force should be gentle.

7. spray perfume on your hair.

Although hair can easily absorb odour, perfume on hair is just the opposite. Because the volatilization of alcohol in perfume will take away the moisture in the hair and make the hair more dry.

8. Dye and perm at the same time

People who have just had their hair permed should wait a week or two to dye their hair, otherwise the burden of hair will be too heavy and the hair will be hurt.

9. Tighten the curl when curling

It’s easy to tear your hair off if you put too much force on it. The right way is to put the curl on the top of the end of the hair, and then gently roll it up, rather loose than tight.

10. Sleep with curls

The hair is curled in the curl, bearing the weight and pressure of the whole night, inevitably will be hurt, so this method is not desirable.

11. When the hair is dry, apply more hair care cream

Dry hair, lack of luster, more hair care products can solve, I believe many people have tried this. In fact, too much conditioner will only burden the hair. If you want to apply it, you’d better just put it on the top of your hair.

12. Comb your hair hard to remove dandruff

It is true that some dandruff can be removed by scraping the scalp with the tip of the comb, but the keratinocytes on the scalp will also fall off, causing scalp injury.

13. The perm didn’t work again

When the new perm is unsatisfactory, some people will try again. Doing so will cause great damage to the hair. For the first perm, it’s better to shorten the time of perm, and the time interval between perm and the second time is longer.

14. People of all kinds of leather can dye their hair

If possible, fully communicate with the hairdresser before dyeing the hair, show some dye on the inside of the wrist, if there is red itch, you should stop the idea of dyeing the hair, so as not to hurt the hair.

15. One bottle of shampoo for the whole family

The use of hair washing and hair care products that do not meet the quality of hair, the results can be imagined. Just as dry hair uses special products for oily hair, it will wash off the grease and moisture on the hair, resulting in drier hair.

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