Women who lose their hair may have made these six mistakes

With the accelerated pace of modern society, more and more people begin to lose their hair. Apart from the pathological reasons, the following reasons should also be paid attention to.

Over weight loss diet

The main component of hair is a kind of protein called fish protein, in which zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements are quite a lot, while vegetarians only eat vegetables, fruits, flour and so on. The intake of protein and trace elements is insufficient, resulting in the loss of hair due to serious malnutrition.

Women who lose their hair

Excessive use of air conditioning

The wet and cold air blown from the air conditioner may be the cause of hair loss, and even cause white hair.

Frequent use of computers

People who are engaged in computer work have more hair loss. The reason is that this kind of people use the brain for a long time, so that the brain's excitability continues to increase, and the endocrine function related to hair growth is disordered, so that the nutrition supply of the hair is blocked, resulting in the increase of hair fragility and easy to fall off.

Too greasy and spicy

If you eat too much fatty food, the sebaceous glands will secrete too much and block; if you eat too spicy food, the hair will dry; if you eat too sweet, the bacteria will multiply faster. This will directly or indirectly damage the hair, as time goes on, the hair will continue to fall off.

Take birth control pills

The contraceptive contains estrogen and progesterone, which will lead to a false pregnancy and make the hair more beautiful in a short period of time. Once you stop taking it, the estrogen level in your body will suddenly drop, which will produce the phenomenon of normal puerperal hair loss. However, there are also a lot of hair loss in women when taking contraceptives, which is mainly caused by the lack of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12.

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