A complete list of male detoxification regimen

After the beginning of autumn, when the weather turned cold, many men began to mend their bodies. In fact, detoxification is more important than replenishment, because there are more things to replenish and more & ldquo; wastes & rdquo; generated by metabolism. If the toxins from the external and internal environment of the human body cannot be discharged in time, the harm to health will be more and more serious. So, don't forget to expel poison when men supplement.

Cough and detoxification

After the beginning of autumn, the air is dry. There are many toxic substances in the dust, harmful gases and metal particles floating in the air and industrial waste gas. These toxic substances invade the alveolus and bronchus through breathing, which not only damages the lung itself, but also infiltrates the blood from here. Therefore, it is advisable to use active cough to clean up.

The specific method is: every morning, noon or before going to bed, choose a fresh air place to do deep breathing exercise. When inhaling deeply, raise your arms slowly. When exhaling, let the air flow out from your mouth and nose. Cough up the sputum. Repeat this for 10 times. After each time, take several normal breaths to prevent over ventilation. As long as you do this every day, your lungs will stay clean.

Sports detoxification

Reasonable exercise can speed up the metabolism of human body, and help the skin and lungs detoxify.

One is fast walking: we need to walk every day. We just need to speed up when we walk, swing and stretch our arms as much as possible, which is the most simple and convenient detoxification exercise. It can stimulate lymph, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Second, practicing yoga: Yoga is the top-level detoxification exercise, which can help blood circulation, lubricate joints, regulate the body internally and externally by applying pressure to all organs and muscles of the body, and launch detoxification actions.

Third, jumping: jumping can stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify, relax the tense mood, reduce cholesterol, improve circulation and breathing, and even eliminate the fatal cellulitis.

Diet detoxification

Through reasonable diet, eliminate toxic substances in the body.

First, liver detoxification: liver is an important detoxification organ. We can eat more carrots, garlic, grapes and figs in our daily diet to help liver detoxification.

Second, it helps the kidney to detoxify: the kidney is an important organ for detoxification, which filters the waste generated by the decomposition of toxins and proteins in the blood and discharges them out of the body through urine. Cucumber, cherry and other fruits and vegetables are helpful for kidney detoxification.

Third, moisten the intestines and expel toxins: the intestines can quickly eliminate toxins, but if indigestion occurs, the toxins will stay in the intestines and be re absorbed, causing great harm to health. Konjac, Auricularia auricula, kelp, pig blood, apple, strawberry, honey, brown rice and many other foods can help the digestive system expel toxins.

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