Simple method of liver detoxification

If there are toxins in the liver:

1. The nail surface has a raised edge or a downward depression. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “liver dominates tendon” and nail is a part of “tendon”, so when toxin accumulates in liver, nail will have obvious signal.

2. Hyperplasia of mammary gland and obvious increase of distention and pain of premenstrual mammary gland. Mammary gland belongs to the fortress on the route of liver meridian. Once there is “poison” in liver meridian, mammary gland hyperplasia will occur immediately, especially when the menstrual blood is about to be discharged, it will become obviously distended and painful due to the filling of Qi and blood.

3. The mood is prone to depression. The liver is the organ that regulates emotions in the body. Once the poison in the liver cannot be discharged in time, blocking the movement of Qi, it will produce obvious bad emotions.

4. Migraine, acne on both sides of the face, and dysmenorrhea. On both sides of the face and on the abdomen are the “one mu three Fen land” of the liver meridian and its partner, the gallbladder meridian;,

Once liver detoxification is not smooth, your backyard will catch fire first. Detoxification method:

1. Eat blue food. According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the green food can reach the liver qi, play a very good role in soothing the liver, relieving depression and alleviating emotions, and belongs to the food that helps the liver to detoxify. Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend that you drink the orange or lemon with its skin made into juice or water.

2. Lycium barbarum improves the tolerance of liver. In addition to detoxification, the ability of the liver to resist toxins should also be improved. This kind of food is medlar, which has a very good role in protecting the liver and can improve the tolerance of the liver to toxins. It’s best to chew when eating. Take a handful every day.

3. Press the key points of liver detoxification. This refers to Taichong Point, which is located in the depression before the first and second metatarsal junction of dorsalis pedis. Press and knead with your thumb for 3-5 minutes, and feel slightly acid swelling. Don’t use too much force. Press your feet alternately.

4. Tear detoxification. Compared with men who never cry, women live longer, which has to do with tears. Traditional Chinese medicine has already had this understanding, and has also been confirmed by western medicine. As the excretion of tears, like sweat and urine, there are indeed some harmful biochemical toxins in it. So cry out when you are sad, when you are wronged, when you are depressed. For those “optimists”, it’s also an active detoxification way to watch a sad movie in the afternoon on weekends and let tears flow with the plot.

The best detoxification time of liver is from 01:00 to 02:00. At this time, the liver is active to eliminate toxin, so the body should be put into sleep, so that the liver can complete the metabolism of waste. Liver detoxification needs to be carried out in a deep sleep, so you should sleep in this period of time, do not stay up late. If you do not sleep at this time, your liver will be tired and will be damaged as time goes by, so you must pay attention to ensure adequate sleep at night.

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