Be alert to the risk of food poisoning!

Some time ago, there was a news that a little girl in Zhejiang had been poisoned by agaric and had kidney failure. So far, she has not been out of danger. We can't help but be shocked that food poisoning is so terrible, even life-threatening.

In fact, in recent years, the news of food poisoning is endless, people pay more and more attention to food safety, and pay more attention to the bacterial virus in food. So, in the area of food safety and health, what should mothers pay attention to?

risk of food poisoning

1. Keep the surrounding environment clean

Diseases come from the mouth, food storage environment is not clean, bacteria and fungi are easy to grow. The refrigerator is a disaster area. Almost all our food is in the refrigerator. We must make sure that the refrigerator is clean and tidy. Keep your hands clean when touching food. Wash your hands after defecating. At the same time, avoid animals such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and mice near the kitchen and refrigerator.

2. Separate raw and cooked

There is no direct contact between raw food and cooked food. Raw food, especially meat, poultry and seafood, is likely to contain a large number of dangerous microorganisms. If they are not treated directly together with cooked food, it is likely to cause food pollution. Usually raw food should also be equipped with special knives and meat cutting board.

risk of food poisoning

3. The food should be cooked

Food must be cooked thoroughly, especially meat, poultry and seafood. Special attention must be paid to meat fillings, large pieces of meat and the whole poultry. When making meat in soup, make sure that the food is boiled and the juice is clear, not light red.

4. Maintain food safety temperature

In summer, food is particularly prone to bacterial decay, and cooked food stored at room temperature can not exceed two hours. Temperature below 5 ℃ or above 60 ℃ can slow down the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, but there are also some microorganisms that can still grow below 5 ℃. So try to eat fresh food. Don't store too many ingredients in the refrigerator.

The problem of food safety should not be underestimated. My mother has a heavy responsibility and should be especially careful in food cooking.

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