Women who like to soak lemonade often pay attention in summer!

Do many female friends like to drink lemonade in summer? Maybe it's a way of life that many beautiful female friends will like. They are tired of drinking boiled water often, and it's not only good to drink lemonade, but also has many benefits and effects on their bodies;

But today's editor may want to remind female friends to pay attention to such problems when brewing such lemonade. Otherwise, the effect of lemonade you drink may be many times worse.

soak lemonade

For example, many female friends like to make lemons with boiling water

Maybe many female friends know that high-temperature boiled water is the best drink for human body. Sometimes, in order to speed up the dilution and release of lemon fruit juice, you often directly choose high-temperature boiled water for brewing;

In fact, such a way will reduce the nutritional value of lemonade, because the rich vitamin C in lemonade is often affected by high temperature, leading to the loss of nutrition; The more appropriate way is to suggest that female friends choose boiled water to cool for a period of time, and then brew when the water temperature is about 50 degrees, so that the nutritional value of the lemonade brewed is higher;

Many female friends also choose lemon peeled and brewed

Maybe it's because they don't think lemon Pete is sour or that the skin doesn't have much value, so some female friends will choose to peel the lemon peel before brewing the lemonade; But in fact, lemon skin also has nutritional value. It has a kind of material called flavonoids, which is a bar to the blood vessels and health care effect of female friends. If you cut off such a layer of skin, it is really a waste; if you are worried about the skin is not clean, you should try to thin it as much as possible.

In a word, when female friends drink lemonade in summer, they must pay attention to such problems. Otherwise, they may drink lemonade as well, but you don't have the same effect.

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