Beauty grass for long holiday

You know what? In the world, there is a kind of grass for women. It is motherwort. Motherwort has a close relationship with women’s body and has been used to treat women’s diseases since ancient times. Motherwort can improve microcirculation, improve blood flow, remove blood stasis and activate blood circulation, and regulate blood gas. Motherwort also contains a variety of trace elements, antioxidant, anti fatigue, enhance the vitality of immune cells, at the same time, it can also prevent heart disease. Now, the Spring Festival holiday is coming, and women who like to stay at home can just take this opportunity to cook a few delicious foods with motherwort as ingredients to nourish and moisturize their beauty.

1、 Leonurus in soup

Ingredients: motherwort, preserved egg, medlar, mushroom

Function: Invigorating the kidney, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain through channels

Motherwort soup is the most common way to eat motherwort. The ingredients and methods are very simple. You can make it delicious and fragrant just by rolling thin meat soup. You can also add some peanut chips according to your own preferences, which can balance the green and astringent, and increase the fresh and sweet.

2、 Leonurus japonicus

Ingredients: motherwort, medlar, mushroom, red date, fish maw

Function: beauty and beauty, detumescence and blood circulation

Fish white is made of fish lung. It is rich in collagen. Collagen is a necessary element for beautiful skin. Red dates and wolfberry can nourish and brighten your eyes. Several ingredients together with motherwort are completely customized for beautiful women.

3、 Stewed duck kidney with Leonurus and job’s tears

Ingredients: Leonurus, job’s tears, duck kidney

Functions: clearing away heat and dampness, tonifying kidney and reducing blood pressure

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